Tuesday, April 23, 2013

At First Glance: The Balm Instain Powder Blush

Hi dolls, 

Today I'm going to share my first impression on Instain Powder Blush by the Balm. I've been a huge fans of the Balm cosmetics, their blushes have been one of my favorites (reviewed here) as well as their palettes (reviewed here and here). So, when I heard that the Balm launched the new blushes, I knew I gotta have it. 

I will post complete swatches too, so stay tune and keep on reading. 

Instain is the newest blush collection from the Balm that claimed as staining blushes and long wearing. There are 6 shades of Instain powder blushes, which are Argyle (petal pink), Houndstooth (mauve), Lace (bright pink), Pinstripe (plum), Swiss Dot (peach), and Toile (strawberry). 

Argyle (petal pink)
Houndstooth (mauve)
Lace (bright pink)
Pinstripe (plum)
Swiss Dot (peach)

Toile (strawberry)

Here's the complete swatches: 

After playing with them, here are my quick first impressions: 
  • The packaging is super cute! It comes with a cardboard packaging similar size to Hot Mama blusher. They got cute girly pattern design that match with the name of the blush. So, Argyle (petal pink) got the argyle-pattern in the cardboard, same goes to Houndstooth, Lace, Pinstripe, Swiss Dot, and Toile. It's eye-catching and brilliant! 
  • The colors in the pan are so lovely. 
  • The pigmentation is INSANE! 
  • Most of them are matte-finish, except for Houndstooth and Pinstripe. They come with very subtle shimmer and barely noticeable. 
  • Application is a little bit difficult. I find the application is a little bit tricky because its pigmentation. I used my blush brush (Sigma f40), swipe the pan, and put in on my cheek.. and *BAMM* it looked so bold and harsh. Next attempt, I applied using my fingers, I dabbed 2-3 dots on my cheeks and blend it away using my RT blush brush. It looks so pretty... I think for now fingers are my best makeup tools for this blush.  
  • It does require a lot of blending movement to blend the color and make it not too bold or heavily applied. 
  • Looking at the pigmentation, I'm sure it will be long-wearing, but the question how long it will stay on my cheek. 
  • Although it's super pigmented, but I don't have any problem in removing the products on my cheeks. I removed it using cleansing oil and tried it also using my Bioderma makeup remover and both works great.
It's me wearing Instain in Toile. 

Here's I'm wearing Houndstooth 

I purchased this at the Balm's website, the retail price is US$ 22. Good thing is they had promo 50% off on the first day of their launching, so I got this around US$ 11 (IDR 150,000). I believe the Instain currently only available in the US store, and I don't know when these will be available at the counter in Jakarta. 

For those who wondering, if these Instain blushes have similar color to their blush-brotherhood (i.e. Frat Boy and Down Boy), I could tell you that these Instain are completely different. 

If you look at the colors in the pan, no way these Instain have colors close to the Down Boy or Frat Boy. I don't have the Cabana Boy, so I could not compare to it. Down Boy is way softer than the pink Instain blushes and the Frat Boy even it has peachy pink color, but it is not even close to the Swiss Dot. 

However, if I swatched the Down Boy and Frat Boy, I thought that they have quite similar colors to the Instain. But, I was wrong. They're maybe quite close but it's not exactly the same or not even a dupe. I might say the Down Boy is in between Argyle and Lace. Argyle and Lace are way cooler and brighter. For Frat Boy, I think there is no shade similar in the Instain collection. 

The pigmentation of Instain is stronger than the Down Boy or Frat Boy, I could tell from the first time I swatched the Instain. They're all have the same powdery texture and quite lot of fall out. But again, it's forgiven considering the staining power of these blushes. 

To conclude my first impression post, I'd say that these blushes are insane. I love the colors, great color pay off, but I'm still searching the best way to apply this product. I'm also  curious the staying power of these Instain blushes. If it happen to stay more than 6 hours, I would say that these Instain definitely raise the bar for other powder blushes. 

That's all ladies. I hope my first impression review on these Instain blushes are helpful and see you in the next post!

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  1. wiiiihhh cc koleksi banyak bgt blushnya the balm O_O warnanya cantik2 <3

  2. Ceeeee... Lace and toile are preeeettyyy~ >.< :D

  3. after seeing your photos, i realized that :
    - argyle is spring blush for fairest skin tone , while houndstooth is for medium skin tone and lace is for darkest skintone.
    - toile is fall blush for fairest skintone, pinstripe for medium skintone and swiss dot for darkest one.

    i'm waiting for my Argyle, Lace and Toile .. so bad i've missed Houndstooth, it seems so pretty!

    omg where's abang pandu??? LOL

    1. Yes, that's make sense... gue pas baca belakangnya sempet bingung, kok cuma spring and fall.. where's summer and winter? LOL!

      Argyle, Toile, and Lace, i think they're quite safe color for fair skin, I'm sure it will look beautiful on you...

  4. Ga sabar Instain aku besok dataaangggg aaaaaa.. i didn't buy all the shades sih, cuma 3 aja, tapi baca review mu jadi agak menyesal ga ambil semua huhuhu

    1. hahaha, no worries dear, ntar juga bakal banyak yang lego di FD.. I find that some shades are too deep for my liking, kayak si pinstripe sama houndstooth.. the rest (lace, toile, argyle, swiss dot) I think pretty safe-colors for fair skin...

  5. koleksinyaaa >,<
    warnanya cakep2 banget :D

  6. Mupeeeeng liat swatchnya.....
    Pengen punya semuaaaa.........
    Huaaaaaa....love ur collection sista

  7. Astaga banyaknya, ga nahan :P

    by: buleipotan.blogspot.com

  8. Lhooo.. Aku malah suka liat kamu pake houndstooth lhooo.. Lebih natural tampaknya...cakep warnanya
    Salam kenal yah..


  9. You bought these from theBalm website?? I thought they didn't ship to Indo.


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